Atom Tha Immortal - Rhyme



I'm like the armies of Alexander/
Upon the Continent/
My verbal venom's volatile when I spit/
Causing abrasion/
From bio-chemical equations/
Turn black skin like Michael Jackson, Caucausian/
Melting the flesh deep within/
33 levels of melanin couldn't counter enzymes I'm developing/
I let you hit, so I can hit back/
I absorb your energy, to hit you with a harder attack/
You retarded cats/
About to burn like Cherynobyl/
When G-d proves the Case for Christ like Lee Strobel/
Throwing the world in turmoil/
Protects oil and wine (Rev. 6:6) while mankind is covered in boils (Rev.16:2)/
Apocalyptic vision permeates my thought/
Not the ramblings of mystics, but Metaphysics from G-d/
godly men were given visions inside of the synagogue/
Signs, seasons and times/
Of the return of Christ/
Coming like a thief in the night (Matt. 24:43-44)/
Standing at the door (Rev. 3:20)/
Waiting for the World War IV (Rev. 19:19)/
So he can give the blessings promised to the meek and the poor (Matt. 5:3,5)/
Jesus is Lord/
Ruling with the Scepter and Sword (Rev. 19:15)/

Entropy increasing like distance between the stars/
Information encoded in 16 bars/
Kill a rhyme, thick and sick like early SARS/
We can never be what you believe/
We're who we are/

Sooner or later you'll find/
We're nearly out of time/
So I rhyme, hit with an unforgettable flow/
I'm like the roles of Russell Crowe, combined hater/
A beautiful mind in the body of Gladiator/
Analyze data/
With a mind searching the furthest reaches of space an time/
Bodys in it's physical prime/
Einstein's lines of science couldn't define my energy/
I stand in defiance to Entropy/
Moving faster than a light wave/
My mic cage/
Scars your chest-plate like the mark of a slave/
Spiritually aligned with the only Truth defined (John 14:6)/
The Unmoved Mover moving in with all mankind (John 1:1)/
Lion of Judah (Rev. 5:5)/
The Word became flesh (John 1:14)/
Born in Israel, dwelling in a physical tent (2 Cor. 5:1)/
With the intent to Resurrect/
Jesus Christ was crucified/
Died a man's death, and resurrected alive/


This is the last night you'll ever see the light again/
Artificial Intelligence encoding lyrics with a binary pen/
A panic attack/
Pandemonium in the streets/
Set your terror alerts red high, when I speak/
Cryptanalysts' analysis of my writtens/
Finding hidden meanings and messages, compressed in my sentences/
My thought's beyond comprehension/
Fold my verses into a cube, new lyrics form in three-dimensions/
Multiple levels of destruction/
When I slay/
With my eruption/
Like Mount Vesuvius on Pompeii/
You'll call me "Y2K" when I start dropping this/
Cause you'll have no idea what day it is when you regain consciousness.


1074310323: 77
Why does Aero have to be such an asshole to me?
1074330001: 32
I like this song.. because I made it. Sorry, just testing the reviewer comments option.
1074358288: 18094
Nice progressive track, not too cheesy. I imagine the track as a good warm up club track to get everyone in the mood.
1074358467: 18094
Being a 'Ex' Roland MC-303 musician myself I can clearly hear the style, and its not an easy beast to master. Well done.
1074518346: 18094
Reminds me of some of my early experimental music, which is not a bad thing so keep it up.
1074518604: 18094
A good remix attempt.
1074522575: 18094
This track should be featured in a Lord of the Rings film, very atmospheric.
1074522798: 18094
I've recently went to see the latest Tom Cruise film: 'The Last Samurai' and this track brought back the memories! Nice one.
1092974070: 1792
Yo, love your stuff.
1074672359: 104
Ahh... the lovely vocals and music of 2fragge. Makes me all warm n' fuzzy inside. :) droll7
1074695625: 18094
Wow!, very impressive, this has got to be one of the best hip hop tracks I've heard this year. Full marks 10/10. Congrats Atom, Brilliant.
1074695786: 18094
Excellent track from i3, I like this very much, it's got the punch, it flows very well, very catchy and would go down a storm in the clubs!
1114634358: 6123
Cant seem to e-mail u my friend, but if ur comments were serious about ur next party....then we would love to be a part of it, kick ass night man, peace.
1074696208: 18094
Cool I like this track is so different. I wasn't too keen at the start but it grows on you and comes to life after about 30 secs. Fantastic!
1074696420: 18094
It's starting to grow on me now........ Music is a funny old thing. Or has this track been changed?
1074728300: 19319
good music especially considering the compact studio you have. Keep at it and bang away at vinyl pressing A+R depts
Yeah man you said it all..
Very nice again, can we have 1 , 2 and 3?
I love the end too.
I love this, the bass just makes me scream, "oh yeah baby" and then the Rhodes brings me sideways back and round just to be caught in a shakey head groove with the scratching.mmm nice.

Love it babay...
1133368316: 11367
I like the vibe on these tracks.
1074781690: 18094
I can't help but love Kumbh Mela Project for putting my mind at peace. Everything I've heard about this project so far is totally professional and top class. Keep it up.
1091860382: 74
Really interesting... i like your style a lot.
1074825689: 55
...very very cool
1074836150: 109
This is killer- jazzy, funky and a really refreshing break from the norm. Scandalous if this doesn't make it big...
1074868392: 18094
10/10 AWESOME TRACK! One of my favourite mainstream bands at the moment is 'Ultrabeat' riding high in the UK charts. DJ Destruction's tracks are just as good... keep it up, I'll look out for you on 'Top Of The Pops' one day!
1074868963: 18094
Congratulations to Papa Miyamoto for artist of the week, with music as good as this I can see why. It deserves to get noticed. Experimental music doesn't get any better than this.
The photo did it for me fella. Go for it Blackabilly... Groovy Track
a great track that demands repeated listens, the production work is outstanding, vocals are a pleasure to listen to..Top Marks
Remember us when your VERY BIG.
1133368629: 16106
OK. I feel it homie. Chance is the a.k.a. (R&B)
1074918143: 18094
Good solid track and I can see the Benny Benassi influence in this one. Nice one Jono
1075047127: 18094
I'm not too keen on this track, the main rift seems out of tone, but then again I went out last night for a heavy drinking session, so it could just be me.
1075047236: 18094
Taps them on the knee with a reflex hammer and gives a thumbs up.
1075083405: 89
nice stuff man, simple, as the truth always is.
I find myself walkin around with the phrase 'get down with the fungus mungus' constantly wanting to come out my mouth. Is there a Los Guys Betty Ford Clinic?

Gotta love it, propellerheads and shirley bassey scared off now I reckon.
1075166818: 18094
Nice human beatbox.
1075166876: 18094
1075167034: 18094
Good use of the software, doesn't sound like a standard eJay track, well done.
1075167145: 18094
Another good track!
1075167269: 18094
Good uptempo dance track, would go down a storm in the clubs. 9/10
1113345360: 5132
I like this - lots of experimentation going on in there and consequently it's very engaging. Great playing all the way through. Like the Vox - does sound a bit 80's but thats cool with me. Great stuff :)
1075219163: 18094
Excellent track, very dark and moody but well executed.
This is Mad! This is Great! I was a bit sceptical at the start, but something told me everything was ok.

Top Tune!!!

If I was to leave a little criticism, With a bit of clever production this could be a psychedelic monster..

1075387201: 18094
Droll surpass the bounds of making modern music and come up with some interesting and mouth watering tracks. Highly recommended.
1133368713: 16106
Hot production. Keep on grinding
1075407020: 18094
Simply beautiful, shame about the slight swearing.
1075407123: 18094
Could this be the cream of the latest hip hop crop?
1075432038: 99
i'm liking this....i'm really liking this

1110283562: 2243
Excellent work my friend! Great tones and terrific feel!
1133368757: 16106
I like the production. Nice. Chance is the name (R&B).
1075489645: 18094
This track has a lot of potential and great energy. I've got to give it top marks, gets better with each listen.
1075520059: 147
nice lyrics... I especially like "Reinvented the game cause the game got old" ...well-done.
Theres something hauntingly familiar sounding about this track, reminds me of a more melodic version of something by Aphex Twin. I Likeee
1110286427: 1365
Love this one, I think it's one of your best. The vocals are the best sounding on this one in my opinion. Downloaded, 10 from me ;)
1095277683: 2829
Good job. I really liked the chorus, with the dual vocals. Keep up the good work. 9/10
1074359022: 18094
This has to be one of the best dance tracks of 2003. Deserves to be a Top 10 smash!
1074359083: 18094
Watch this band, they are heading for the big time. Totally magical.
1074359198: 18094
I can't find any faults with Greenhaus, latest tracks. And their new album is simply amazing. Top marks.
1074390715: 77
Other people dont seem to like it. =(
1074423820: 32
I could imagine this song playing in the background while playing Unreal Tournament. Nice work.
1074518800: 18094
Not a bad track, but doesn't punch it for me, unlike the the other tracks from i3, that I've heard.
1074519264: 18094
Interesting track, but I've heard better from Blade.
1074627051: 44
Wicked Vocals and Backing tune.
Very catchy. Congratulstions my friend.
Dont forget the cut! *winks*
1146430553: 4972
Something real funky for your ass
1074700047: 18094
So much good music on this site, it's wild. Droll have the makings to go far. Brilliant.
1074700170: 18094
Bliss, another great track from Droll. Destined for great things in my book.
1074700255: 18094
I don't think Droll will be on MP3Unsigned for long.... they'll get snapped up by some fat cat record label before long. Great Talent.
1095005414: 2387
because you do NOT need this site to promote yourself - very unfair and completely pointless - disrupts the natural order of things - that said -0 I love the vocal.:(
1147913512: 7105
I like this. I'm a sucker for folk songs, and a lot of these folk songs can be redone in a trance style. I love this .... !
1137676635: 13002
very good, I like the uplifting lyrics
Cool Choon Fella, I was there...Really.
P.s. Note to listener : Listen to this back to back with welcome to Indiqa (also on this marvolous website)
1133506744: 10349
That's a rather epic track there!
1074867922: 18094
This has to be my favourite track from Phorenzik so far. Excellent. I'm not a big drum and bass fan, but this track is an exception to the rules. Brilliant. More tracks like this please Phorenzik. 10/10
1074868158: 18094
I love these catchy Ibiza style tracks... more, more, more!
1074868580: 18094
The airwaves are back-logged with up-and-coming hip hop artists, I only hope that Atom manages to break through. His style is refreshing, catchy and has a very professional sense of style.
1074868612: 18094
10/10 btw....
1074868819: 18094
What can I say...... If anyone on MP3Unsigned is topped to be signed, I would have to put Atom on the list. Top marks again.
Combining elements of folk and country with dashes of jive. a good melody for all occasions, an all-together wholesome sound..Hang on - Black hole
can be listened to over and over again, This is an excellent track, deep and powerful. keeps you listening.

1115413033: 6980
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I like this because it reminds me of Santana (whom I like) and my dads old record collection (which is nostalgic). I must admit that I didnt 'get it' until I heard the Macarana sample, but that just blew me away, the timimg and post modernist statement that the sample made and the way it dissolved the ego fired lyrics. Very good and better than that other song I listened to earlier by a worserer band.
1075081605: 89
Top stuff, unfolds subtly, I was getting dusk in the Outback vibes,
~keep truckin' '04~
1157584341: 13672
Whats up man. U r prolly one of the Hottest things to hit mp3unsigned keep up the good work and god will bless u. Jblaq....
1075219349: 18094
For an early demo, Nocturum have got a lot of potential. Good stuff!
1075352836: 147
Talented vocals. Interesting music. But the lyrics aren't your own. Still, it's not too bad.
1075617859: 77
Yes its good, but Ejay sucks ass, because theyr all premade loops. Use fruityloops, and make your own song. Because useing Ejay is just premade crap, so its not really yours..
1075617895: 77
Yes its good, but Ejay sucks ass, because theyr all premade loops. Use fruityloops, and make your own song. Because useing Ejay is just premade crap, so its not really yours..
1075617908: 77
Yes its good, but Ejay sucks ass, because theyr all premade loops. Use fruityloops, and make your own song. Because useing Ejay is just premade crap, so its not really yours..
This is kickin baby, Primal Scream meets George Harrison. The Young Georgian Lolitaz are immaculately crafted and this is catchy, sweeping and original. 9/10
1101100051: 3618
congrats on being top 5!!! thats auper impressive....keep doing ur stuff.
1075730492: 18094
This is my 3rd track of Crumlin that I've heard, and I'm getting rather fond of their music. It's got a certain class of style. Excellent!
1075730842: 18094
Excellent, 10/10, Great sounds and impressive production. This track really made me feel good about the world. Not an easy thing to do.
1129505312: 9308
really dreamy :) well done
1075731059: 18094
Wow....... ! 9/10
1111076113: 4878
Love the build up,Its well worth the wait,what a brilliant piece of music.a definate for my own collection.
gotta love this....

Great website as well
1075774401: 18094
You don't have to be a Country fan to appreciate good music. Good track.
1075774461: 18094
Another good track Shaun, you had me tapping my feet.